This Shocking Fact About Your Plane Boarding Pass Will Make You Lose Your Mind

2016-09-15 05:51:06Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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When you finally get on an aeroplane and preparing yourself to embark on hours of solitude, we bet the last thing that is on your mind is the safety and security of your personal information from the airline itself!

Steve Hui, penned a piece for revealing the shocking amount of personal information that can be taken from your boarding pass, what we revealed seems harmless but is actually a serious invasion of privacy. 

" There are some very key pieces of information printed on most boarding cards: your name, your ticket number or booking reference, and a barcode. On August 30, someone posted a photo of their boarding pass, so I decided to investigate how much information could be accessed.

" I decided to test just how vulnerable the system was, and headed to the (airline) website. Under “Manage My Booking” all that is needed is a passenger name and an E-Ticket number or booking reference. As all that was on the boarding card, I was quickly able to log into the booking and see all the passenger’s details."

Feeling a bit creeped out now? It get's worse... Steve's story continues.

"From that information, I could view the passenger’s entire itinerary, and see when and where they were going to travel. Details also included their seat numbers, frequent flyer details and ticket numbers."


"Taking it even further, it was easy to see a full breakdown of the fare paid, including the date of purchase and the last four digits of the credit card used."

Okay, this is legit super scary and is seriously making us question some airline policies. Note all future airline travellers, watch your back!

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