This New App Will Find You Wifi All Over The World

2016-09-30 05:57:33Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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No one wants to have a massive phone bill when they get back from a trip overseas, so it's always a goof idea to hunt down the best wifi you can to scroll through the interwebs. 

International airports usually always have wifi, but it's depressing when you find out that you need a password to access the free internet and so you're left trying to find the small information kiosks that have that precious code. 

Well, that won't be happening anymore!

Blogger, frequent flyer and all-round legend, Anil Polat, has created an app that will track down the passwords for airport wifi all over the world.

The app is called Wifox and it uses Google Maps to track wifi passwords in real-time, so you'll know if anything changes.

The app displays a map of international airports, airport longues and network names along with their passwords and it'll also let you know where to go for the strongest signal.

Now, some airports and lounges do have a time cap on their internet as well, which is frustrating if you've got a few hours to kill before your flight. But Wifox will let you know if the wifi you're using has a time cap and if it does, it'll give you tips to work around it.

Over 80 airports have already been added to the app and when you find that wifi, the app will automatically update itself so you're always in the know. 

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