The Ultimate List Of International Festivals You NEED To Save Your Money For!

2016-12-01 00:54:38Z
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Festival season is well and truly here and we are all frothing over these international festivals that are worth selling your car for…

While planning your epic tour of the biggest international festivals, it’s important to make sure you arm yourself with all the info you need to get safely through each event, including being drug aware – get more info here.

These are the festivals you need to whack onto your bucket list because you just can’t afford to miss out on them.

Firstly. How can we go past Coachella… every single human's dream.

Where: Indio, USA

Coachella is basically Instagram and life goals. It has recently become one of the most popular festivals around and for good reason.

And well... if you wanna spot all different types of celebs, this is your go-to festival.

It is held on polo grounds in the desert, and most Coachella go-ers camp out.

Keep an eye out for daytime pool parties and the dance parties at night.

Coachella is massive for getting the best artists in the world and for creating the most iconic fashion looks for the summer.


The Governors Ball Music Festival

Where: New York City, USA

The Governors Ball Music Festival hasn’t been around for too long… but honestly it is so epic we can’t even deal.

The festival is filled with a mix of rock, electronic, and indie performers, as well as a taste of New York culture.

There are endless New York food trucks and activities such as a silent disco or lawn games.


Where: Barcelona

Barcelona is known as Europe’s music festival city!

Sonar has been killing it in the festival scene since 1994 and every year features performances from cutting-edge artists and DJs!

It has been extremely popular over the years and also features video art projections, installations from modern artists, and audio-visual displays.



Where: Roskilde, Denmark

Believe it or not but Roskilde was created by two Danish high school students.

It has since turned into the ultimate hippie gathering. The four-day event attracts an international following and features performances from more than 3,000 artists.

The festival is known for featuring a mix of bands, from contemporary and lesser-known performers, to mainstream… the faves are often put inside a large tent with an epic vibe!


Where: Chicago, USA

We can’t even deal with Lollapalooza.

The festival was first created back in 1991 and has literally turned into something else!

Lollapalooza is known for its next level list of musical performances, dance, comedy, and crafts.

Each year the festival runs over a three-day period and attracts over 160,000 visitors.

The festival initially focused on alternative and indie rock, but has definitely expanded with them gaining headlining acts such Pearl Jam, Ice-T, Paul McCartney, Metallica, and Florence + the Machine… just to name a few.

So ummm... get saving.

Image Credit: govballnyc Instagram

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