The Ten Commandments Of Travelling With Your Bestie

2016-06-20 02:06:38Z
Sohan Judge
Sohan Judge

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Travelling with your BFF is the very best - but let's face it - with the stress and lack of solo-time it's very easy to drive each other crazy.


We've put together ten commandments to make sure you're still besties on the flight home! 

1. Promise to be honest with each other (and be okay with that).

Honesty is the most important thing – and probably why you’re friends in the first place. If you really don’t want to do something it’s totally okay to admit that – conversely – if a friend doesn’t want to do something that you do – be okay with it. There’s always a solution if you’re willing to talk about it. 

2. Promise to trust each other when booking and planning.

I don’t know about you but trawling TripAdvisor reviews hurts my head. Set some guidelines about booking and promise to trust each other.

My bestie and I have simple rules: 

“Location wins, don’t book the cheapest but don’t book the most pricey and aim for all girls’ dorms if you can (‘cause snoring). If there’s bed bugs in the reviews, forget about it.” 

3. Promise to discuss a budget and stick to it. 

The worst part of trip planning – but also one of the most important. Set a simple budget and be honest about it. You’ll be grateful in the long run.  Which brings us to our next point: 

4. Promise to use a bill splitter app. 

You might love each other and share everything but that doesn’t mean you want to share bank accounts. 

No one likes keeping lists of who owes who what - use a bill splitting app. Trust me. 

5. Promise to hang out with other people. 

Make sure you spend time with other people before you get sick of each other.  Go on that group tour, take a bike ride with some people from your hostel, join another group of travellers in a bar. 

6. Promise to appreciate the other person’s values and priorities. 

If your friend is a total foodie – let him choose where you eat – he’ll do a good job.

If he’s obsessed with scuba diving let him pick the right dive shop – he probably knows the right questions to ask .  

You’re both here to have a good time and do the things you love, remember? 

7. Promise to make a plan... together.

Even if your plan is to not plan, it's important you discuss how you want to go about your trip. Think about a shared document  (OneNote is fantastic) where you can share links, itineries and flight details. 


8. Promise to be flexible.

The most important part of travelling with anyone

Things will go wrong and things won’t go to plan. Weather, illness and situations out of your control will come up. The only thing in your power is how you react to them. 

9. Promise to remember why you love them. 

When she’s turned down the third restaurant you’ve suggested in a row, when she’s sick for the third time on a three-week Bali adventure, when she wants to party and you want to sleep. 

Remember a) why you’re friends and b) see point one. 

10. And if the above doesn’t work  -  remember its okay to do things alone.

It’s not personal. Just because you want to spend a whole day in art museums and your bestie wants to go shopping doesn’t mean your trip is over.  You can hit the Musee d’Orsay while she hits up H & M. It’s cool.  

And an added extra? 

11. Promise to take lots of photos! 

Because you need to remember amazing trip you took with your bestie! 



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