Here’s A List Of The ‘No-Go’ Items That Are Causing Your Flight Delays

2016-06-17 07:26:21Z
Sohan Judge
Sohan Judge

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If you’ve ever found yourself saying “what is taking so long? Why are we delayed?!?!”, American flight attendant, Sarah Steeger, has shared with the “No-Go items” that when not accounted for, delay takeoff.

1. Wet Carpet 

Try not to spill anything... 

"That’s right, we cannot leave with wet carpeting in an exit area. This is because if the aircraft should have an emergency landing in water, flight attendants must check the floor area for seepage around and under the door.

This is one way of determining, without being able to see from the inside, how the aircraft is positioned. Is the exit usable, or will opening it flood the cabin? It’s not a mistake you want to make"

2. Missing Emergency Information Cards and/or Demo Equipment

Don't nick the emergency info to keep as a souvenir, people need it! 

"In a planned emergency things have to be done in a very specific way. There’s no place for holding up our list of time-sensitive tasks for the passing off and sharing of equipment — just as frightened passengers can’t be expected to share emergency information cards as they desperately try to learn, in a sweaty panic, what they didn’t pay attention to or understand from the safety video (especially if passengers don’t speak the language and require the graphics)." 

3. Broken Overhead Lights

Be gentle trying to Tetris your bags into the overhead compartment! 

“I have broken cabin lights all the time,” you might think. Sadly true, but not all lights are equal. Some cabin lights contain mercury and could create a hazmat situation if broken.

These have to be cleaned up and changed before departure — so you better hope the right kind is on hand. In my experience, these lights get broken when passengers insistently try to sling and shove oversized bags into overhead bins. So take care.

4. Lavatory Ashtrays 

Maybe don't smoke on a plane. 

"It seems nonsensical to demand ashtrays in a place where people aren’t allowed to smoke, but the point is to have a proper receptacle for the people who regularly insist on trying anyway. Given my biggest in-flight emergency fear, it’s better than the likely alternative: Cigarette butts in a trash can be burned by paper towels!" 

As you can see, the littlest things can hold up your flight! 

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