Delta Airlines Just Introduced A Class Higher Than First

2016-10-26 03:49:13Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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The popular US airline has just created a new rewards system that will allow loyal customers to live like glamorous Fergie and the flossy-flossy.  

Delta is now offering private jet rides in exchange for frequent flyer points. 

SkyMiles frequent flyers need to redeem 2.5 million miles to receive a $US25,000 jet card, enough for a 5-hour flight on a basic jet. 

SkyMiles' managing director, Karen Zachary, revealed, “We’ve been trying to expand the usage of our miles… There’s nobody that’s done this before. We hope that the aspirational aspect will actually draw people in.”

The aspirational is certainly drawing us in Karen, look at these jets! 

We'll just keep dreaming...  

Images: Universal Studios

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