An Airline Has Just Launched A ‘Kid-Free’ Zone & Parents Are Losing It

2016-10-12 23:56:38Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Parents are furious after this major airline announced their flights will now have designated 'kid-free' zones. 

Airline IndiGo has rolled out this new 'feature' and now parents are worried that the popularity will catch on among other airlines too. 

The Indian airline said, "Keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of all passengers, rows one to four and eleven to fourteen are to be kept as a quiet zone."

In addition to that, children will also be banned from emergency exit seats and seats with extra leg space. 

Mum, Laura Brook, expressed her annoyance with the new rules, "Why should they be moved somewhere different on the plan? 

"What about the people making noise after having too much to drink? 

"With all their worries, parents don't need all this added stress," the 23-year-old told Mirror

IndiGo is the first major airline to make the change, after smaller Asian airlines made the same decision. 

What are your thoughts on 'child-free' zones? Let us know in the Facebook comments!  

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