6 Road Trip Essentials To Prepare Before A Big Drive!

2016-11-30 07:32:09Z
Road Safety Commission
Road Safety Commission

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Don’t make bad decisions this summer by getting distracted with texts and tiredness on the road.

If you're a 'hardly ever' offender, how about you make that a 'never' offender?

Here are some tips to keep you entertained and safe - check out more on road safety here! 

Before you leave:  

1. Create an epic playlist - this way you don’t have to fiddle around with your phone to find epic tunes. 


2. Bring your best friends - How could you get bored with your best buds?! 


3. If you’re alone, pop on a podcast - 


4. .. or an audio book! 


5.  Play verbal car games with your mates (hypothetical scenarios and good ol' 20 Questions never gets old) 


6. Before you leave, Google places to stop along the way, no one wants to drive past the best pie shop in Australia or a gorgeous coastal lookout point because they didn’t know about it!  


Image: Buena Vista Pictures

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