6 Places You Have To Travel With Your BFF

2016-07-08 05:29:33Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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So know that you should already know how to create your ultimate bucket list, it's now time to put those plans in place and start the list ticking!

For many of us who have a bucket list, it obvs includes a whole bunch of travel goals and an endless list of places we desire to go. For us here at Scoopla we couldn't think of anyone we would rather tick our travel lists off with than our BFFs!

So we're going to count down the Top 6 MUST ....

1. New York City, USA

Cliché we know... but there really is no place like the big apple. From endless restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops to visit, you and your gal pals can channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw all day and night in the city that never sleeps!

2. Greek Islands, Greece

From the beachfront bars, night clubs, traditional greek eats, stunning blue ocean views and an endless supply of tanned gods/ goddesses to drool over, we really can't think of a better way to develop our sumer tan!




3. Hong Kong, Hong Kong

What isn't there to love about Hong Kong?! The endless supply of expats that move to the city makes it one of the greatest cities in the world to visit knowing no-one but leave with a brand new crew of friends... Can we say squad expansion!? Hong Kong is also rich in food, shopping, entertainment and it literally never rains! DONE DEAL!

4. Byron Bay, Australia

You didn't think we could curate a top list of the top places and not feature an Australian favourite?! Byron Bay is located on the border of New South Wales and Queensland, which makes it ideal for a large population of Aussies to get to. The town is known to go off in the summertime but the relaxing bars, cafes, hotels and endless supply of activities to do make Byron Bay an aussie staple.

Get onto Air BnB, rent yourself a beachfront house to share with your girlfriends and let the frozen margaritas flow!

5. Snowfields

We were spoilt for choice in picking one particular snow location for some winter-time fun and couldn't decide on just one location! From the Swiss Alps, the slopes of Japan, the glamour of Aspen and the local family friendly Australian snowfields, it doesn't matter where you go in the world! As long as there is snow you are good to go! What could be better than hitting up the slopes by day and kicking back with an espresso martini beside the fire at night!

6. Coachella Music Festival

We thought we would save the best for last... Regardless of your age and whether you own a pair of Hunter Gumboots and colourful kaftan or not, it doesn't mean that Coachella isn't for you! Constantly referred to by many as " the best weekend of my life", we think the world famous festival is a must see and do. Start saving, dust off your feather headpiece, tone yourself up for your booty shorts and prepare yourself for the best weekend of your life!


So what are you waiting for?! Get Packing!

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