5 Hidden Bars You Need To Go To Before You Die

2016-09-01 06:48:54Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Cities seem to be obsessed with hidden bars and if you’ve been to one, you can appreciate how cool they are. Not only is there the novelty, you don’t get the riff-raff of regular bars (because they can’t find the entrance).

If you’re in L.A you’ve gotta check out these hidden bars.

The Walker Inn - 3612 W 6th St, Los Angeles
First you’ll need to find the Normandie Club. You can ask the staff where you can find the secret door, but like many secret doors to secret bars, it’s toward the back.


The Crocker Club - 453 S Spring St, Los Angeles
How cool is this!? The Crocker Club is actually in the old vault of what used to be a bank. You’ll even be able to walk through the original vault door. It doesn’t close, so you don’t have to crack a code to enter.


Lock and Key - 239 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles
Find the red door. Once you’re inside, you’ll be presented with a wall of doorknobs. One opens the door to Lock and Key. A host will help you gain entry to the 1920s inspired bar.


The Varnish - 118 E 6th Street, Downtown Los Angeles
This place is a little more popular but that doesn’t make it any easier to find. The door, which opens up to a 50 seat venue, is in the back of Cole’s restaurant.


Blind Barber – 10797 Washington BLVD, Culver City

Walk in the front door and you’ll find yourself in an actual barber. Keep walking through and out the back door to find a cocktail bar.



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