There’s A Glitch LOCKING People Out Of Their iPhones

2016-10-09 20:54:10Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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The 21st Century has brought us a tonne of new tech gadgets we obsess over and dedicate a helluva lot of time to. We love our tech so much that some of us even make sure we’re up to date with everything new, especially when it comes to Apple products.

If you’re one of those peeps, then we’re sure you got your hands on the new iPhone 7 when it was released last month.

There have been a string of upsets occur already with the new update, but this might be the scariest glitch yet.

According to reports, new unboxed iPhone 7 (and some 6 and 6s) devices are experiencing a freaky glitch that has been triggering an Activation Lock, essentially locking users out of their phones as it is already linked to another’s Apple ID.

Not exactly something you want to happen when you’ve just paid a sh*! Load of your moolah for it…

Somehow, brand new phones have been linked to random existing Apple IDs, meaning that when the new user tries to sign in and set up their exciting new purchase they are blocked from accessing their iPhone.

This Activation Lock is in place for security reasons and is connected to the good ol’ Find My Phone feature… unfortunately, it’s not a helpful one this time ‘round.

The reports first surfaced from MacRumors and users have since taken to social media to share their issues with the glitch.

This freakin’ annoying and money draining glitch is mostly being experienced on iPhone 7 devices, however it has also been reported for some 6 and 6s iPhones which are being restored to their default settings.

If you’re one of the unlucky few who got this nasty surprise, there’s hope! Because there are some things you can do to work around the problem for the time being.

Apple has been able to remove the lock for some users, after proof of purchase was shown.

Be warned: the activation lock may decide to rear its head more than once… but Apple may resolve that problem for you, too, with a replacement.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again…

The cause behind the random glitch has not yet been identified and Apple is yet to release an official statement. 

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