There’s A Facebook Scam Going Around That’s Probably Fooled You Already

2016-06-17 04:47:04Z
Sohan Judge
Sohan Judge

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We’ve all seen those fun quizzes on Facebook. Harmless, right? Nope… One quiz in particular is a complete scam, and it’s fooling people all over the world.

You may have seen the ‘Most Used Words’ quiz that’s been doing the rounds this week. It tells you what words you use the most online, and seems pretty legit… but it’s totally fake.

It’s not even made by Facebook. The quiz was created by a Korean app company called Vonvon, and users have technically provided them with their name, profile picture, all posts, all likes… and even the rights to sell the information.



Tech experts from say that users are totally handing over “almost every private detail about themselves to a company they likely know nothing about just to play a quiz.”

Although Vonvon state they will not share personal information to third parties without your permission, it is worthwhile noting that by doing the quiz you are giving them permission.

The company has said these rumours are ‘false’, and that they “don’t really get any meaningful information when people use our apps.

“People look at it as something fun. Most people just try to have a good time with it."

Just remember folks, whatever you post on Facebook is available to Vonvon – whether or not it classifies as 'meaningful information’ is up to your discretion!

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