Snapchat Just Changed Their Own Game Of Snapchat

2016-07-07 04:28:24Z
Nic Holland
Nic Holland

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Snapchat just added a new feature that is about to change the game forever.

Up until like yesterday, you could only take a 10 second video or have a photo show for 10 seconds and then it would disappear FOREVER!


Today, a brand new feature has been announced called, 'Memories.'

Basically it will store photos and videos you have taken and you can then put them onto your Snapchat story later on in the day… or night. Perfect for those messy nights when you really need a clearer head to make the decision to post or not.

But here’s the downside, each picture you upload through 'Memories' will come with an advertising border around it that Snapchat will control… #No

Snapchat said, ‘‘It’s fun to celebrate an anniversary or birthday by finding a few old snaps and stringing them together into a new story.’’

It looks to us like they are trying to compete with Instagram and Twitter… but to be honest we will always love Snapchat no matter what they change.

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