Snapchat Are Killing A Feature We Use Daily

2016-10-11 03:47:29Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Face it, whether we want to admit it or not, we ALL use Snapchat daily.

If you don’t, get your sh*t together.

Today, Snapchat has announced that they are planning on removing one of their most used… yet most annoying features

The Auto Advance feature. Back in March they updated the feature, which then forced us to sit through all of our friend's stories.

Ew. Sometimes we don’t have 7532836 hours to sit through your gym sessions soz babe.

Even though we could skip the stories by swiping to the left we still didn’t like it.

Thankfully we will soon be able to return back to life as normal. Well pre-March.

An update to remove the feature will be available in the next few days.


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