OMFG! Sega Mega Drive Is Making An Epic Come Back!

2016-07-27 02:52:27Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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Put down your Pokémon Go for a moment and listen up! Sega Mega Drive is returning and Sonic will rule once more. 

Ghostbusters is in cinemas, everyone is catching Pokémon and Wonderland is coming back to Sydney, however, a quick Google search will tell you it is, in fact, 2016.

Although it will not be the exact same Genesis make or made by the Sega company, it has just been announced that AtGames is resurrecting the classic Mega Drive!

The recreated Mega Drive has actually been available for quite a while, but what has gamers excited is that classic games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Combat have now been released.  

Launched in the late-80s/early-90s, the Sega Genesis aka Sega Mega Drive was where it was AT! Can't wait to open up one of these babies on Christmas morning.  

Be warned, though: as the console isn't manufactured by Sega, we're uncertain of the quality of the product. 

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