Instagram Just Gave An Exclusive Feature Made For Celebs, To All Of Us

2016-09-13 00:40:13Z
Phoebe Newling
Phoebe Newling

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Yes, Instagram has given us a little slice of the celebrity lifestyle with its newest update and we are seriously accepting it with open arms. 

Instagram is fighting online harrassment with the introduction of a keyword filter for ALL users. What does that mean you ask?

You can now block words you find offensive or inappropriate!

Instagram is committing to keeping the app a safe and positve place for self expression... and we are ALL about it!

Despite many social media services offering keyword filters they are generally only available for businesses and professionals and NOT for the general population. 

Here is a little of what Co-founder and CEO of Instagram Kevin Systrom had to say about the new changes available to all of us. 

"We know tools aren't the only solution for this complex problem, but together we can work toward keeping Instagram a safe place for self-expression. My commitment to you is that we will keep building features that safeguard the community and maintain what makes Instagram a positive and creative place for everyone."

Check out how you can enable the feature here

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