Has Your Phone Been Chewing Up Data Recently? Here’s How To Fix It!

2016-06-17 04:56:32Z
Sohan Judge
Sohan Judge

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We know Apple can be sneaky with some of its new features. While they can be very helpful, not all of us have an unlimited data plan.

As it turns out, the feature that’s been chewing up your mobile data is called WiFi Assist. This allows your iPhone to use data when you’re on a weak WiFi signal so that your internet doesn’t get slow. It’s a neat idea, actually.

However, for those who need to save those megabytes, here’s how to switch it off.

Go to Settings. Click on Mobile Data.

Scroll all the way down to the bottom and look for WiFi Assist. Switch this off!


All done! Time to enjoy browsing Facebook without data-chewing paranoia.


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