Google Now Has A Smart Phone And These Are 5 Hidden Features You Wouldn't Know About

2016-10-19 02:13:10Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Sooo that's right Google has a smart phone that is coming our way very very soon and it's going to be a game-changer for the smartphone world. 

Say hello to Google Pixel, the first smartphone to come from the Google family. A sleek and sophisticated phone made from metal and glass, it is literally in a league of it's own and it's not hard to see why with these top 5 hidden features the phone has that not even the manual will disclose. 

According to this is why the Pixel should be your gadget buy. 

1. Instant photo

Well, not instant, but fast. The impressive camera in this phone opens fastest when you double-click its On button. Simple when you know about it.
2. Real-life GIFs

Like other cameras, the Pixel camera has a burst mode. Hold down shutter icon, and it will snap photos in quick succession. Unlike other cameras, the Pixel camera not only saves the photos individually, but turns them into a separate animated GIF.

3. Smart storage

This phone comes with unlimited storage for the photos and videos you capture with it. This is particularly useful if you regret buying the 32GB version of this phone and need to clear out some images. If you enable Smart Storage, it will remove backed up photos and videos from the device automatically when you’re close to running out of space.

4. Go-to-bed reminders

Two important settings can remind you to stop playing with your Pixel and get some sleep. The first is Night Light that acts as a blue-light filter on your screen, and the second is Priority notifications that stops all but important beeps (like your alarm or phone calls from nominated contacts) disturbing you. You can set them to automatically start and stop on a schedule that suits you.

5.  Fastest phone check ever

This phone will show you what’s going on in record time without even touching its screen. It’s one of its best features. Just tap and swipe down its rear fingerprint sensor, and you’ll unlock the phone, turn on its screen, and reveal your notifications at once. It sounds simple but it’s a true time-saver and genuinely addictive. You must enable this feature in the Moves menu to get it working.

The Google Pixel phone is officially on sale tomorrow October 20... SO what are you waiting for?!

Photo Credit- Google

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