First Instagram, Now Facebook Add A Snapchat Like Feature

2016-08-09 00:14:13Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Literally just last week, Instagram pulled a Snapchat on us… and now Facebook has done the same.

Today, Facebook added a brand new feature… well maybe it’s new to Facebook, but it’s definitely not new to us.

They have jumped onboard the whole "stories" thing… they are testing a number of selfie filters very similar to the ones on Snapchat.

Facebook decided to test the feature now so they can use Olympic-based filters, so far it's only available to people living in Canada and Brazil.

When they open the Facebook app, they will see a camera logo at the top of their News Feed, which encourages users to post live photos and videos… just like Snapchat.

You can then add makeup filters or team logos to your face or background to support your country in Rio.

The whole video thing isn’t new to Facebook… they have been playing around with new features like Facebook Live and 360 photos for a while now, so we really should’ve seen this coming… maybe it was just bad timing?

So many stories… we can’t keep up.

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