Facebook's New IOU Feature Will Make Your Tight Ass Mates Pay You Back

2016-09-24 00:16:26Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Everyone has that one mate who is constantly asking for money or some form of IOU.

Let's face it... you've kind of accepted the fact that they're never actually going to pay you back, no mater how hard you try to play niceties. 

Asking for your money back politiely only gets you so far sometimes, and when you pester them they're likely to flee...


As always, Facebook has come to the rescue to try to solve this long-standing problem, which we're sure has ruined a friendship or two. 

A new payment/IOU feature, called 'Chat Assist', is being rolled out for Facebook Messenger, which allows you to send your mates a 'fiendly' reminder of the $$$ they owe you. 

There's also another feature being trialled which will solve the age old problem of what the hell all your mates want to eat when you get together. 

You know how painstaking it can be when no one can agree on the dish of the evening, so a polling feature is being tested to help you keep track of the all important group discussion topics!

Unfortunately the feature is only being trialled in the US for now, but just you wait - it'll be here soon enough!

Tight ass mates who like to keep their wallets in lock-up safes, watch out...


Image Credits: Getty / Facebook. 

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