ATTENTION! New App Shows The EXACT Location Of All The Pokémon In Pokémon GO

2016-07-21 02:25:08Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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It’s the obsession that is actually taking over the world… and now you’re about to become the real winner of Pokémon GO. You’re welcome.

A new app has been released that literally shows you where all the Pokémon are located. It is called Poké Radar and it is already changing lives.

Basically it is like Google Maps but for Pokémon… people who have already caught their Pokémon then submit their locations and they reach out to the world and it is like a beautiful train of Pokémon catching. So Pokémon GO-ers don’t be selfish.

You can even search for exact Pokémon so you can go out and you know… catch em all.

However there is some bad news… because the Poké Radar is already so popular it’s a tad glitchy. But hey, all good things are worth waiting for...

The app creators have said “When you click or tap on a Pokémon’s icon, you’ll see who posted the tip, and how many other trainers found the tip helpful. If you see the same person posting hard-to-believe tips with low ratings, you know not waste your time looking for that Mewtwo. You’ll also see when a Pokémon was caught so you know what time of day is best for your search.”

This is actually life changing.

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