Are You Guilty Of Any Of These Snapchat Faux Pas?

2016-07-11 02:36:30Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Think you have your Snapchat game down pat? Guess again and make sure you are not guilty of comitting any of these Snapchat crimes!

Forget about your filter picks or how many likes you think your latest Facebook profile picture will get, anybody who is anybody knows that what really counts right now is your Snapchat talent!

Unlike InstagramSnapchat is an instant and intimate medium where you can't hide anything behind a filter or quirky caption, you are showing the world your life, personality, thoughts and humour so you need to make sure you are on your A-game at all times!

1. The Snooze Worthy Snapchat

Aka the boring and pointless snap, we don't care if it lasts for 3 seconds or 10, no-one really cares about seeing the food that you are eating for breakfast, an aerial view of your dinner at a fancy restaurant or trying to show off every aspect of the bathroom that you are staying in on your weekend away. Keep that stuff for yourself and don't inflict the trivial aspects of your life onto your snapchat fans! Aight!

2. The Selfish Selfie Snapchat

So don't get us wrong, we love a good old selfie just as much Kim Kardashian, however there comes a time and a place for them and if you can look back at your story and see yourself in every filter from the dog to the flower halo ... then you may be guilty of this! Over selfie-ing seems to a crime that is comitted mainly by young women and usually accompnied by a very generic caption "So bored at work" or " OMG Saturday Lunch with my no1" ... cliche, a bit lame and dare we say it? A bit basic...

3. The Too Long Snapchat

As great as it is to have a personal insight into the lives of many and as much as we love the ability to stalk the guy we are into via his story, sometimes some people really push it with how many 180 degree shots they have of their night out, day at the footy or lunch with friends that are really no more than pointless videos. Less is more people!

 4. The Drunk Snapchat

Don’t deny it, we have all been there! After one too many drinks on a night out, we are guilty of uploading that one too many snaps that will be majorly cringe worthy the next morning… you can literally be guilty of this entire list all thanks to a big night! From snaps that are only funny for the people that you are currently with, drunken blurred selfies and embarrassing drunken rambling that can infiltrate your entire story, it’s literally best not to drink and snap at all.

5. The Show Off Snapchat

Perhaps the most infuriating of Snapchatters! We get it you live in a house with water views, drive a nice car and spend your Sundays lazing around your country house. Do we really need a Snapchat that could be mistaken for a short film to show it off?! The answer is no… Even if your intentions are honest, constant snapchats of your new pair of shoes, designer handbag or monogrammed laptop case are best left for the presence of real life.

Snapchat is one of the greatest way we can communicate, share and laugh with our friends and people all over the world, so use it wisely, follow these guidelines and you will be be a Snapchat star for life!

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