You’ve Been Using Dry Shampoo Wrong This Whole Time

2016-09-10 05:43:36Z
Julia Foskey
Julia Foskey

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Dry shampoo is a game changer for those of us with oily or greasy hair. But could you be using it wrong?

Dry shampoo users are typically divided into two camps – those who rub dry shampoo into their roots with their hands, or those who use a comb or brush to distribute it through their hair and remove excess product.

But there’s actually a more effective way of using it.

Instead of spraying dry shampoo into your roots in the morning before you leave the house, you should do it the night before! 

Simply spray your roots with dry shampoo before you head to bed, and work it through your hair with your hands or a comb. This will allow the dry shampoo to settle and sink into your roots in a more natural way while you sleep, plus it will reduce that static look you sometimes get.

Of course this doesn’t help with a last minute spray – we’re never going to give up on that! But for those who are good at planning ahead this might just change your whole routine.

Image: Pexels

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