You Can Now Track Your Lost Wallet

2016-09-21 05:12:26Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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We all know about the Find My iPhone app, that tells you where your phone is when you just happen to lose it whilst it's on silent. 

Now who has also lost their wallet and wished that there was a similar app to help you find that Uber you most likely left it in? Everybody? Well, our prayers have been answered.

Leather label Issara has collaborated with Trackr, a tech company, to create a new line of wallets, bags and satchels that all have a Bluetooth tracker sewn inside them. 

The tracker syncs with an app on your phone and will alert you if you move a certain distance away from your item so you know exactly where you left it.

The tracker has one other smart feature that you will love. When you lose your phone, you can press a button and your accessory will call it and help you track the sucker down.

Find My iPhone might have a new rival on their hands!


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