You Can Now Take Your Fashionable Friends Into The Change Room With You Thanks To This New App

2016-11-10 04:27:44Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Deciding what outfit to wear can sometimes be the worst thing ever.

You're there standing in front of your wardrobe, thinking you have nothing to wear and just wish your friends were there to help you pick out an outfit.

You try to text your friend or send them a Facebook message and they take forever to reply and you fall deeper and deeper into a fashion slump. 

Well friends, fret no more because Dress Connect is here to save the day. 

This new app is a private social app that allows users to upload images to share with friends and instantly get feedback on which outfit to wear.

Founder Kellie Claire has said that "there's nothing remotely like it," and she's right.

Now, instead of fretting and waiting on your friends to pick up their phone, or trying your best to avoid hovering sales assistants, you can get instant feedback from fashion forward friends and save the outfits they like best for later on.

The app also features an outfit planner so when it comes time to plan out your New Years Eve look, you can have all of your options right there in front of you at any time. 

Our fashion prayers have been answered and the best part? It's free from the Apple App Store!

Android users unfortunalety will have to wait a bit longer for Dress Connect to appear in the Play store, but the day should not be far away. 

Images: Paramount Pictures, Dress Connect

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