You Are Going To FREAK OUT Over This Salon's Amazing Nail Designs

2016-11-27 01:34:02Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Nail lovers will know how hard it is to get an original design when you get a manicure.

If you're over coming out of the chair with a simple coat, then look no further for your dose of nail inspo!

WAH Nails is a salon based in London and they honestly create the best nail designs you've ever seen!

If you're a glamorous girl, think about adding a few pearls to a neutral coat.


Or maybe go for a sleek marble pattern with a bold gold stripe for extra colour.


If you like something a bit more fun, why not get some fried chicken on your fingers?


The breakfast buffs can also grab some fresh eggs to spruce up their mornings.


There are enough nail designs here for you to have a style picked for every salon visit in 2017, but which ones will you choose?


Even those who don't usually get their nails one will want these pretty patterns on their fingers.

Which one is your favourite?

Image: @wahnails

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