This Girl's Magical Hair Will Be Your Summer Beauty Inspo

2016-11-24 03:43:14Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Have you ever been at the hairdressers looking at colours and just can't seem to decide which one you want to go for?

Yeah, us too, but now we can make like the Old El Paso girl and say:


Reddit user Moniquey posted a video showing her new hair colour and it's absolutely magical!

She couldn't figure out which colour she wanted more and so decided to opt for both and created this crazy illusion with her locks.

The secret? It's all in the parting. 

If you watch the video and stop it mid-flip, you can see where she has parted her hair and you can see the two distinct colours.


So if you can't decide, pull a Moniquey and trick everyone you know!

Image: @moniquey

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