WATCH: We Get Kim Kardashian's Vampire Facial

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2016-11-30 02:52:17Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

Remember when Kim Kardashian had that INTENSE facial where her face was COVERED IN BLOOD?

Yeah well, we don't back down from a challenge here in the Scoopla office, so we sent our red carpet reporter Justin Hill along to SkinDNA to have that very same procedure done!

After having a consultation with the lovely Hannah, Justin's treatment went like this:

- Blood was taken from his arm.

- The blood was then put into a centrifuge and spun around from around 15 mins.

- This is to separate the plasma from the blood (which has all the great stuff in it for your skin).

- Justin's skin was then numbed with numbing cream for around 15 mins.

- After a few Kim K impersonations, Hannah then started to use a small pen-like device that has tiny needles in the bottom of it. As she runs the pen over Justin's face, it punctures the first couple of layers of skin, making tiny holes barely visible to the eye.

- Hannah does this repeatedly while placing the plasma mixture over the 'needled' skin.

Once complete, Justin was then cleaned up, a bit red, but ready to go!

Justin looked like he had a light suburn for about 2 days, applied a very plain moisturiser and SPF for the next week. There was a little flaking but after about a week's time, he was looking (almost) as great as Kim Kardashian!

To find out more about the procedure and where you can get it done - click here

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