This Ugly Shoe Is Back According To Fashion Week

2016-09-20 04:05:39Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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London Fashion Week is currently happening and everyone has become glued to Christopher Kane's fashion show for a pretty surprising reason.

The designer featured Crocs in his latest fashion show and we just don't don't know how to feel.

Crocs are widely regarded as one of the worst shoes in fashion history and are generally reserved for your grandparents whilst they're out gardening. To have this shoe premiere at fashion week is something we never thought we'd see, but at least they recieved a bit of a makeover.



Christopher Kane's crocs were embellished with gemstones and are now being called 'Fashion Crocs'. No one has been able to confirm why the designer chose to have these rubber foot caps on his runway, but it makes us wonder what will happen from here.

Bloggers and fashion lovers usually flock to the latest runway trends so does this mean that 'Fashion Crocs' will now be the latest must-have shoe for the warmer seasons? 

Images:, @luke_leitch

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