This New Hair Straightener Will Turn Your Hair Blonde In Seconds

2016-10-12 21:11:59Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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Anyone who has tried to go blonde, knows that it's either a) a very long process of months at the hairdresser - lifting your hair only a few shades a time OR b) a quick, yet potentially dangerous time in your life where the health of your tresses hangs in the balance.

Now it seems as though through PURE MAGIC, a product has been launched that will lift your hair quickly and safely giving you the colour you want... and it's a HAIR STRAIGHTENER?

Colour specialists Pravana have released the 'Blond Wand' and by watching the below video, we actually need one immediately.

The product is made with coconut oil to prevent the breakage that usually comes with bleaching your hair (eek!), once the hair is covered with the creme lightener and two pieces of foil are placed on either side of the hair, the wand is used over top. Just like a flat iron, the Blonde Wand uses heat to activate the colour within seconds.


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