This Little Trick Will Reveal If Your Skin Age Matches Your Real Age

2016-08-03 05:27:25Z
Julia Foskey
Julia Foskey

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Your skin can be the first place where signs of ageing start to show. And it turns out our “skin age” can actually be different to our real age!

According to Dr Alexis Abramson, our skin begins to lose its elasticity around the age of 45.

There’s a simple way to see if your skin matches up to your real age.

Just pinch the skin on the back of your hand and hold it for five seconds. Then release, and count how many seconds it takes to flatten back out and return to normal.

The shorter the time, the younger the age of your skin!

1-2 seconds: under 30
3-4 seconds: 30-44
5-9 seconds: 45-50
10-15 seconds or more: 60+

If you're not happy with your results, there are a few ways to increase your skin elasticity. Dr Abramson recommends eating less sugar, wearing sunscreen every day, cutting down on alcohol, quitting smoking and getting more sleep.

Do you agree with the results of this test? Does it even really matter what “age” your skin is, as long as you’re happy and healthy?

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