This Bride Almost Made The Worst Decision In Wedding History

2016-11-06 00:57:31Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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There are a lot of decision to be made when it comes to your wedding and when you want it to be perfect you get pretty darn picky. 

Which is why this bride's wedding decision would freak most other newly-weds out!

Choosing the right wedding dress is one very stressful and complex process and finding the right bridesmaid dresses is equally as hard. 

You want them to be pretty, but not too pretty they steal your limelight, and that they are mostly flattering on the gals you have chosen to be at your side. 

But one bride threw convention out of the freakin' window and allowed her 15 bridesmaids to choose their OWN dresses.

If it were just one bridesmaid most of you would understand, but fifteen?!? 

She cray cray. 

Despite the doubt we all held at how this plan would pan out, the decision went a thousand times better than anyone expected and the bridesmaids looked on point!

We're not sure about the bright yellow one, though...

Guuurrrrl, couldn't you dim down the brightness?

Luckily none of her friends wanted to steal the limelight... This could have gone VERY wrong.

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