These Beauty Advent Calendars Will Ensure You Look AMAZING Throughout December

2016-11-27 23:41:38Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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December is only two days away and so the advent calendars will no doubt be flying off the shelves in every store.

Everyone loves waking up to a piece of chocolate in the morning, but if you're not too keen on eating your way through the holidays, why not buy an advent calendar that makes you glow?

A wide variety of cosmetics companies have created beauty advent calendars this year to help you treat your body this Christmas!

Whether you'd like to treat your body to a soothing scrub or need the best make-up products to help you look fabulous in every photo on Christmas day, there's a calendar for everyone and we honestly want them all!

For The Lush Lover


Lush Cosmetics, your favourite handmade cosmetics company, have created an advent calendar full of yummy scrubs, creams and blocks for all of your body needs. It treats you to everything from bath and shower supplies including the limited edition Twilight Shower Gel that everyone has been falling over themselves to buy!

The Retro Benefit Calendar


Benefit Cosmetics have released an advent calendar that is not only full of goodies, but looks amazing on display as well. The calendar features mini-makeup goodies behind each panel so that you can update your look throughout the holiday season. 

Estee Lauder's Minimalist Gifts


For those who like a more subdued look, Estee Lauder have launched an advent calendar that will suit your style perfectly. Each draw holds a special gift from the company's best collections and will make you feel as amazing as Kendall Jenner come Christmas day.

The Body Shop's Skin Saviours


If you believe that taking care of your skin is the only thing to worry about, then you'll love The Body Shop's advent calendar. Each day has a gift that pampers every part of your body, making you feel amazing and keeping your skin smooth.

Clinique's Beauty Surprises


With everything from mini Chubby Sticks to soft lip liners, Clinique's advent calendar will bring you the best beauty products in the most adorable package. Everything is miniature, making them perfect to pop into your bag and sneakily apply after Christmas lunch.

L'Occitane's French Fragrances


French cosmetics brand L'Occitane's advent calendar will have you smelling like the most glamourous Parisian. Each gift has a signature scent that only their products could provide and it'll make your holiday celebrations feel fancy as hell! Who's got the champagne?

Got a favourite? Let us know which calendar you'll be using this year.

Image: @wearemeshommes

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