There's ANOTHER Colour You Should NEVER Wear To A Wedding

2016-10-16 02:45:03Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We all know not to wear white to a wedding because, well, that’s the bride’s colour and you better not go stealing all the attention otherwise you’re not going to like what happens…

But no one ever thinks about the other colours we shouldn’t be wearing to weddings, because it’s not like white is the only eye-grabbing colour out there.

In the realms of Reddit, all these wedding no-no’s are always discussed and one user and pointed out that we should definitely not be wearing red to someone’s special day.

Why? Well we all go for the red dress when we want to look sexy, right? That’s why.

Not to mention that red is one of those colours that will always stand out, so if you’re in a big group photo with the Bride and Groom… you are the one who is going to be stealing the limelight.

In some Chinese cultures red is actually the bride’s colour of choice!

Other colours we should all try avoiding are black, ivory, blush and cream, and dresses with patterns on white fabric.

As a heads up, black used to signify disapproval of the wedding union. So unless you want to be the one everyone thinks is going to say ‘I object’, then steer clear.

Now we know that a lot of you might really like the sound of stealing said attention…

But just don’t. Don’t do it.

Especially with the colour red as, according to a user on the wedding forum Etiquette Hall, red is linked with being the “’scarlet woman’ or was supposed to imply you’d slept with the groom.”

Now you seriously don’t want everyone thinking that do you… ?

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