There’s A Bizarre New Wedding Trend You’re Going To LOVE

2017-01-16 03:02:19Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Everyone has, at some point or another, daydreamed about their dream wedding.

Once you get to the planning of that special day, things can get a little stressful, considering the multitude of things that need to be organised.

But is there something that could make it all easier?

Yes. Yes there is, and it’s a new trend that you’re going to love.

DIY isn’t always a scary or tacky thing, and a whole lot of newlywed couples have taken to the trend of creating their own wedding keepsakes and decorations, from little gifts for guests right down to the name plates, centre-pieces and even more!

You’ve just got to be creative.

One internet whizz has shared a simple, but cute idea to use for placeholders/picture holders and we bet you could all give it a go!  

This is all you’ll need to get it done!

-       Plain wooden pegs

-       White acrylic/wood paint

-       Black acrylic/wood paint or a black marker

-       Pink/red wood paint

-       Paint brushes

-       Craft wire

Pretty52 outlined all the steps on their website:

Step One:

Take a peg and flip it around so that the 'pinchy end' is facing upwards.

“Grab the black marker and colour the end of the peg in, creating a suit for your little peg man. Then, carefully draw him a bow tie and an eye.”

Step Two:

“Grab a paintbrush and layer it up with a small amount of your white paint. “Carefully paint the other side of the peg, creating a wedding dress shape. At this stage you can give your peg bride a decorative necklace or hair piece. Or sprinkle silver glitter over the wet paint to give her dress some sparkle.

“After making sure the permanent marker has dried, carefully paint around the groom's bow tie to create a shirt.”

Step Three:

When everything has dried, grab your black and red markers and draw an eye on your bride and two mouths on each peg person.

**Optional stage** Glue 4cm of craft wire into the 'pinchy end' of the peg, creating a clip/holder for name tags or photos.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other options for every taste that will do the trick!

Maybe call for the help of your most creative friend, if you’re not a budding artist yourself.

We must note that this is something that makes the wedding easier on your pocket, not time spent planning due to the fact this requires you putting in a bit of extra effort to make the personalised decorations.

Nevertheless, it could be an awesome thing to do with your partner or your best buds!

Image Credit: Pretty52 / Rachel Gascoigne.

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