The Internet Can’t Handle How Ridiculous Kylie Jenner's Latest Outfit Is

2016-11-29 21:03:27Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

Taylor Swift is probably my best friend. I drink too much coffee, but so do you... Weird, Wild & Free.

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The humans of the Internet don’t really know how to handle Kylie Jenner’s latest outfit choice… and tbh neither do we.

Face it; if anyone can pull of literally anything, it is Kylie!

K.J posted some pics on Insta of her wearing a white crop top with tracksuit pants tucked into see-through boots.

Yes, you read correctly.

While we aren’t hating...we just never would’ve thought of this.

We have also been reminded that we just wouldn’t look like this no matter how hard we tried.

The reaction was priceless.

Image Credit: Kylie Jenner/ Instagram

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