Secret Rainbow Hair is The Newest Instagram Trend You May Have Missed

2016-08-31 06:37:05Z
Jion Legaspi
Jion Legaspi

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When you’ve done the balayage, the grey ombre or “grombre”, peach coloured and rose gold - there’s a new hairstyle to trump them all… secret rainbow hair!

The best thing about the hairstyle is the very fact that it’s sneakily hidden. Nobody will see it unless you want them to.

Secret rainbow hair allows you to transform from an office-appropriate, typical girl-next-door to a unicorn in one easy step.

Or you can be a unicorn inside and out. But imagine the touch ups every few weeks!

Want the back of your head to look like that Snapchat rainbow vomit mouth filter? Simply do a top knot - or take it to the next level by incorporating braids.

If you want to be a closet colour freak, you know what you have to do.

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