REJOICE: You Can Now Bleach Your Hair WITHOUT Ruining It Forever

2017-02-21 00:35:03Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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For some, dying your hair is almost a right if passage in the style world.

The time when you decide to switch up your game and announce to the world ‘this is me’.

It seems good in theory, but a bleach-job can really do some damage to your hair and isn’t the easiest (or cheapest) thing to maintain.

Until now.

If you’re about to take the plunge and get a platinum dye-job, the most difficult of them all, then there’s some things you need to know.

L’Oréal Paris celebrity colourist Kari Hill spoke to Teen Vogue about the process and gave us all the run down on hair health tips

Are YOU Ready For It? Really?

If you’re not 100% behind your decision to don an icy shade, then don’t.

You’ll need to have fix-ups every four to six weeks.

It’s a full-time relationship.

Check With Your Colourist

Not all hair can stand bleach, so before you make a decision check if your hand will be able to stand it.

If it can, you risk serious breakage and dryness.

If your colourist says you’re all good to go, maybe opt for a hair cut first to ensure your hair is in tip top condition.

Throw Out The Shampoo

Not completely, just for up to three days before you get your hair coloured.

The natural oils of your scalp will act as a protective shield against the dye and bleach.

“Not shampooing and allowing oil to fully coat your hair ultimately makes it stronger. You want to load strands with natural oils like organ or jojoba oils.”

Your hair will need as much protection and moisture as possible, so hit the gym and even opt for some moisturising hair oils.

Shampoo LESS

If you let your natural oils build up over more days, without washing, then it will do your hair a lot of good!

Bleached hair soaks up your scalps natural oils to hydrate itself, so you don’t want to over-wash and dry it all out more!

You’re Gonna Shed Like A Dog

The bleach will surely make your hair a lot more prone to breakage… so if you don’t like your hair shedding frequently, then perhaps change your mind.

Ditch Purple Shampoos

Contrary to popular opinion, these shampoos can actually leave you with a purple tinge due to the high pigmentation.

Dilute the formulas with water, so it’s not a harsh purple, and this should be a better option.

Put Down The Conditioner

Like shampooing less, you really need to not over-do the conditioner. It will take away the shiny factor from your coloured hair and lead it to become more dry.

You’re Going To Become A Chameleon

When your hair is bleached blonde, it’s a no brainer that it’s going to take on the colour of nearly anything it comes into contact with. I.e. The purple shampoo.

Use oils and formulas which are clear, to save from ruining your new do!

Your Straightener Ain’t Your Bestie

We all love our hot hair tools… but you’re going to have to be careful.
“Bleach and heat don’t mis welll - heat styling will often make hair weak, very brittle, and prone to breakage.”

Cut back on the heat and trow a mask on your hair while you sleep to give you more nourishment for when you do straighten or curl.

Take The Sneaky Route

You might not be able to afford to get to the salon for a week or so, so spray dry shampoo (of the right colour!) on your hair to mask the roots and cheat the day away.

Still wanna dye your hair platinum? Then get yo fine booty over to the salon!

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