People Are Dyeing Their Hair With Nutella & We're So Done

2016-12-21 03:05:57Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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So, we love Nutella.

It's the chocolate and hazelnut gift that we shall never, ever take for granted.

But unfortunately, some people have.

Citizens of this wonderful world eat their Nutella in a variety of different ways, but this is their first time we've ever seen people dye their hair with it.


Yes, that is what we said.

Huda Beauty has posted a video on Instagram showing a woman getting her hair dyed in a salon using God's gift to our taste buds.


We're not gonna lie, the resulting colour is actually pretty amazing, a nice sweet bronde.

But will this become a thing?

Hair salons could probably save a fair bit of money using Nutella to dye clients hair, but how long will it last?

And how long will it take for people to stop saying that they want to eat you because you smell so good?


Damn 2016, you're still getting us this late in the game.

Image: @hudabeauty Instagram

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