Mums Everywhere Are Defending This Woman's Decision To Dye Her Daughter's Hair After Haters Went In

2016-09-23 05:47:47Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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This mother and her daughter have become an internet sensation after a picture of her daughter's hair sparked one hell of a debate. 

Wow, Internet, you have seriously surprised us today. Give yourselves a pat on the back because today you rocked (mostly)!  

Mary Thomaston, a hairdresser from Floria, uploaded a photo of her beautiful daughter to Instagram, showcasing the girl's EPIC new do.

Now, like anything that gets picked up on social media, it's subjected to a whole-lotta-h8, people putting in their two cents because it's their child and their business - OH WAIT.  

But today was a good day, mums from all around the globe united and went HAM (in a total mum-like, respectful way) at all the haters that dared to say something about this little girl's ridiculously pretty hair.  

Many people believed that Mary had "poisoned" her daughter's hair and seemed to be under the impression that this drastic hairstyle was completely her decision, not her kid's. 

She told The Luxury Spot

"Her hair is already really light so all I had to do was add the temporary colour. I tried to talk her out of the shaved side because I thought she might regret it once it was done but boy was I wrong. She was sooooo excited.

“Sunblock actually has more harmful chemicals than Manic Panic. While I’m not one of those moms who gives into her child’s every wish, I will reward my child for being a great kid. This is something she really wanted, and I knew it was safe so I figured why not?”

She also had something to say in response to everyone who told her that these kind of hairdos are for adults only. 

“When you’re a grown up with crazy-coloured hair, people say that such things are for kids. It’s a contradiction. I say why not let them have fun while they’re young! Who knows what type of job she may end up with, but a lot of them won’t allow unnatural colours. When you think about it that way, it’s actually the perfect time to let them experiment with colour.”

If there's one thing we're sure of it's that this mumma can DO HAIR! 

Seriously, can we all just take a moment to appreciate that colour job!

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