Kylie Jenner's NEW Lingerie Line Will Put The X In Your Xmas

2016-11-19 02:41:29Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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2016 has been the year where Kylie Jenner has proved, again and again, that she is a beauty and style queen with some serious goals no one will stand in the way of. 

You've all heard of her famous Lip Kit and we're sure many of you have it at the top of your Christmas list, but there's another must have that Kylie is going to grace us with that might just knock the Lip Kit off the top of your list... 

Today, Kylie took to her Instagram to share some seriously sexy photographs, linking her fans to a mysterious new shop, named the

As the images would suggest, yes, Kylie Jenner is definitely/maybe/we-freakin-hope-so dropping the lingerie line we have been dreaming of.

We know what we want this Christmas! It will sure put the X in sexy and the X in Xmas...

Lingerie, contrary to popular belief, isn't for someone else. It's for YOU, to make YOU feel sexy AF and empowered and like you have the power over each and every decision in your life. 

It's not for some other guy or gal, so they get to ogle your goodies.

However, your partner not being able to pick up their jaw off the flaw is often a side effect (but let's face it, when you find the one, their jaw drops in admiration when you walk into the room with bed hair and no makeup). 

The site is set to go LIVE at 10am-ish tomorrow...

Image Credit: Instagram @ KylieJenner / TheKylieShop.

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