Kylie Jenner Recommends Her Ridiculous ‘Dress Like Me’ Outfit For Halloween… At Only $650

2016-10-19 00:44:44Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Kylie Jenner is always kinds of ridiculous and don't we just love her for that! Never one to ever do anything conventionally, Kylizzle's personal halloween reccomendations are certainly no different. 

So on her official app, Kylie has posted a new article titled ' How to be me on Halloween' because like DUHHH who wouldn't be Queen/King Kylie?!

However, what is more outrageous than this entire article is the price point that Kylizzle seems to think is reasonable.. hello $650 costumes! WTF

But she seems intent on finding the best Kylie costume out and her top picks will even be featured on her app!

"Last Halloween, I saw so many cute Kylie costumes, lol. You guys were so funny and creative, so I thought I'd give you some inspo this year! My team shopped out some of my fave looks from this past year to help you get your Kylie costumes on point. Show me your final looks using #KylieForHalloween and I'll post the best ones on my app!"

Let's have look at why these costumes are going to cost more than a place ticket.

Deluxe Kylie 

The most expensive costume of them all is the Coachella x Paper Mag Party Look' which will cost you an absurd $650. 


Premium Kylie 

The second most expensive costume or second cheapest? All-Nude Bodycon Ensemble' which will cost you $228. 


Cost-Effective Kylie



What are you waiting for?! Happy Hallowen!  Go get your Ky on!

Photo Credits-Kylie Jenner Official App

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