Five Accessories Every Girl Needs At The Melbourne Cup Carnival

2016-10-06 04:50:06Z
Julia Foskey
Julia Foskey

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So you’ve found the perfect dress to wear to the Melbourne Cup Carnival, but what about the accessories?

There are five accessories every lady needs at Flemington to help complete her look!

Hat or Fascinator

It’s not often we get a chance to wear a fancy headpiece – so make the most of it! Make a splash with a big hat, or go for a simple fascinator. You can either choose to highlight one or two colours from your dress, match your headwear to your accessories or go for something completely different. It’s really up to you.


Heels are a must for the Melbourne Cup Carnival, but it’s up to you what they look like! And remember to break them in, because you'll be wearing them all day long.


A clutch or very small handbag is best – and if you’re taking any picnic paraphernalia put it in a separate bag! A neutral colour works best so you can use it at your next big event. Check out our list of bag essentials here.

Statement Jewellery

The vibe of the Melbourne Cup Carnival is classy and sophisticated. When it comes to jewellery, this means picking one statement piece and keeping everything else simple. You know best whether you are a necklace, bracelet or earrings kind of girl.


Finish things off with a big pair of sunglasses. This is a daytime event, so you’ll want to keep the sun off your eyes!

The Playground at Flemington awaits. Book your tickets to the Melbourne Cup Carnival today.

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