Everyone's Horrified At This Ugg-Boot-Sandal Creation

2016-09-19 01:47:12Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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If this new style of shoe doesn't scream "I've given up" then we're really not sure if anything does. 

The Ugg boot: easily a staple footwear item for all Australians, which has sparked numerous debates regarding its radius from home to where it's still classified as appropriate to be worn... The usual verdict being, not far at all. 

The classic velcro strap sandal: not such a staple footwear item, unless of course, you're a dad from the '90s. It hasn't sparked numerous debates as the majority's verdict is that it just shouldn't be a thing. 

Although, it's 2016 and fashun is now more like contemporary art. 

Sandal label Teva and Ugg have collaborated and, yep, created an Ugg-Sandal. 


Until now, it was only the tween who defied the purpose of the Ugg, by wearing them with a mini skirt and singlet top from Supre. We can't conjure up any significant purpose for these shoes (if you can even call them that) unless you're a person who only gets chilly around the ankles... and even that doesn't make sense because we lose heat through our toes! 

Just in case this abominable hybrid hasn't outraged you enough already, the price most definitely should. 

They go for $US225, which is nearly a whopping $300 buckasmackers Australian. 


If, however, looking like you've recently broken your ankle is your thing, you can grab a pair on Teva.com

Photo credit: Saturday Night Live/ Kristen Wiig

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