Emily Ratajkowski Looked Stunning In Her Bridesmaid Dress Which SHE DESIGNED

2016-10-18 01:47:09Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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The beautiful and extremely talented Emily Ratajkowski just showed us that not only can she act and strike a pose like a mofo - she can design some killer fashion also. 

The London-born star debuted one of her very own designs at a mate's wedding over the weekend and boy, oh boy, was it beautiful. 


Clearly her hidden talent wasn't so secret to the bride-to-be as she was actually designing a bridesmaid dress... and let's be honest here, we can all admit that there a few who we'd never trust to design our wedding party outfits. 

Emily has dubbed the dress 'The Emily Dress' and will appear in her collaboration with Christy Dawn

GREAT colour, AMAZING cut, BEAUTIFUL sleeves - much chic, very modern. It's safe to say we're impressed. 

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