Chrome Mirror Nails Will Make You Stare At Yourself Staring At Your Mani

2016-09-02 06:29:00Z
Jion Legaspi
Jion Legaspi

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Running out of places to check out your reflection, but also in love with shiny things?

Then chrome mirror nails are just what you need. They’re the latest craze that will completely elevate your nail and Instagram game.

Have you ever seen anything so alluring in your life?

It can be done in rose gold too… we can’t stop staring!

Chrome mirror nails make our eyes drool.

Gigi Hadid featured mirror nails at this year’s Met Gala, but her manicure set her back $2,000. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend that much to get this look.

Don’t fret, they’re easier to achieve than you think. Just choose your desired base colour and apply mirror powder on top with a cotton bud to get that chrome effect. And Voila!

Try DIY’ing chrome mirror nails by watching this video below:

Photo credit: Gigi Hadid and Catalinanailexpert Instagram 


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