Brides Are Going Crazy Over Superhero Cape Wedding Dresses

2016-12-04 00:40:03Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We've seen some stunning and downright bizarre wedding trends over the years. 

Some make us fall in love at first sight, but others leave us so confused we have one eyebrow raised and our head tilted as we ponder what the hell the bride was thinking...

The latest trend to pop on to the style radar comes straight from a stylist and we're really not sure how to take it. 

The executive producer of Camille Styles' blog, Chanel Dror, had some tough fashion standards to live up to on her wedding day... 

The stylist got married to her love Eric Tarlo in a French Chateau and even had Vogue magazine cover her whole day, but despite the glitz and glam she stayed true to her personal style when it came to the wedding dress. 

She wore a beautiful strapless, off-the-shoulder Amir Taghi gown.... and here's where it gets interesting: it comes with its own cape that rivals every other cape we have ever seen.

She obviously wanted to be Super Bride for the day and it definitely paid off!

It's a very interesting addition to the bridal style options and more newly-weds are snatching up some beautiful capes to accompany their wedding dresses!

We could definitely see ourselves in one of these, playing super hero/princess for a day!

Now just to get Vogue to cover our wedding day... and find a French Chateau that won't break our banks.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

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