Ariana Grande Just Dramatically Changed Her Appearance

2016-07-25 02:20:08Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Ariana Grande is basically a fashion and style chameleon, and her latest drastic transformation may just be the best yet. 

New hair, don't care is definitely the attitude spreading around right now, all thanks to Ariana's totally new look which has our jaws dropping. 

Ariana took to Instagram to share the first pics of her drastic transformation from sweeping, off the face locks, to a new gorgeous and cute AF haircut with bangs and all!

If you thought bangs were outdated... you were oh SO freakin' wrong. 

How the hell does Ariana make old-school bangs look so cute and sexy and on point?!

She also took to Twitter to send a stream of messages out to her fans, saying, "Life is wild" and "Change is f***ing fantastic"... So maybe she's trying to pull a complete makeover and find a new identity for herself. At least in regards to her style!

As Ariana said herself, "Change is f***ing fantastic," and we definitely agree that her banging new bangs are f***ing fantastic!

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