Zoë Foster Blake Reveals All Things Baby Number Two

2016-11-02 01:04:38Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Let’s be real, we are all a little obsessed with Sonny Blake… and now it seems they are planning on giving him a brother or sister.

Zoë Foster Blake revealed to TV Week that a second baby with husband Hamish is definitely on the horizon.


Revealing, “I make it no secret I’d like more, but I always said I’d wait until Sonny was two,” she says. “He’s just turned two, so I’ll get around to it.”

But of course, her health has to be the main priority, when she was pregnant with Sonny she had extreme pelvic problems.

Zoë continued, “I had a tough pregnancy the first time, with my hip sort of breaking!”


This is amazing news!!! 

Zoë also touched on the fact that she finds it a bit weird that Sonny is growing up with strangers knowing who he is because of their massive social media following.

She told TV Week, “It’s so weird…. We think he’s awesome, obviously, but total strangers come up to us in the street. We never know what to say.

He’s going to have such a warped perception of life. He’ll think everyone is super-friendly and knows his name. He’s never going to know what it’s like to be an anonymous child.”


But in saying that, she also has no plans to stop and that wont get in the way of baby number two.

They are the ultimate family and we can't wait to watch them grow.


Image Credit: Zoë Foster Blake/Instagram

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