YouTuber Marina Joyce Just Asked Her Fans For Help Once Again But For A Whole Different Reason

2016-08-01 03:53:34Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Once again, YouTuber, Marina Joyce (yes, the one we all thought got kidnapped) is making headlines once again… but not for the same reason!

We all remember last week when YouTuber, Marina literally went viral because her fans thought she had been kidnapped by her boyfriend after a number of clues in her videos hinted at domestic violence. Some others were also concerned that she has gone down an abusive path of drugs and alcohol… other went as far as saying she was working with ISIS.

Anyways, it turned out that she was totally fine and everyone over reacted...

Oh Internet you funny thing…

After about 85 lives streams trying to convince everyone she was safe… she then dropped the bombshell and said it was all a publicity stunt.


As you can imagine a lot of people weren’t happy considering they were extremely worried about her safety and want her to get help… others are also convinced that someone is behind the camera making her say that it was a publicity stunt to take away the spotlight on her.

But, Marina was pretty quick to mention how happy she was that she had new fans and hit over 1.3 million subscribers. Before this week she had 600,000 subscribers.

Which then, once again made people pretty mad.

Over the weekend, Marina posted a tweet that has now calmed people down.

After realising that she has so much power now and has A LOT of new followers, she is now going to use her YouTube channel to help save animals.


We’re so glad that there is a positive in this situation.

If you are concerned about your own emotional wellbeing, are experiencing a personal crisis or are concerned about someone else, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or at



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